Sackets Harbor B & B

Situated on Lake Ontario
in historic Sackets Harbor, NY



What is a B&B?

Where are we located?







What is a B&B ?

Imagine visiting
an unknown area and staying
as a guest in someone's home! It's called
Bed and Breakfasting
and, after a long tradition in Europe, is becoming
increasingly popular in
the United States.

Places may vary from
a 'spare room' in someone's home
in a college town
that's bulging
during graduation time,
to lavish rooms with every convenience to
pamper the most demanding guest.
B&Bs may be located
in towns and villages,
rural areas or
busy cities.

The common thread
is the travelers' interest in an alternative
to regular hotels,and a
chance to interact
with their host who knows the area and
with their fellow guests.



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